The year has only just begun, but slowly we are already welcoming the summer months. Time truly goes by fast when you are busy trying to fulfill the goals set at the beginning of the year.
We thought it was time to update you on our journey’s subsequent phases and share some exciting news.

There is a saying that it is not the journey or the destination that is important, but the company.
We cannot emphasize enough that none of this would be possible without you! That your support and encouraging feedback are essential to our growth. That your outpouring of love for our products motivates us to evolve and experiment, to give you the best products and services possible.

To show our gratitude – and also because we like to keep our word – we are happy to announce that our family has welcomed 3 new members! After all, the bigger the family, the more fun the get-togethers are, right?

Our new tonics hit the market just in time to add a little extra flavour to your summer G&T nights!
And the newest members are:

Besides our already existing partners in bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, you can find our products in the following online shops in the Hungarian market: Mixery, Whiskynet, Ginshop, Borhalo, Bareszkozok, GinNet and many more.

When you thought it could not get any better, here is some more exciting news that just happened this year (and it is only April):

  • The number of our local partners is growing indefinitely, to whom we would like to give a special thanks for listing our products.
  • Our first exclusive international partner will be announced in May.
  • We are working tirelessly on a sustainable solution of returning our empty bottles from bars and restaurants.
  • Our delivery time will be even shorter than it was before!

We know that the more the merrier, but we are also aware that once you have more options, it is getting harder and harder to choose. To help in choosing the perfect gin or any type of alcohol pairing to your favourite &T tonic, we made this helpful and easy pairing guide. Just pick your tonic and the perfect matches will pop up, which you can buy right away.

The year is still not over, so stay tuned and follow our social media channels to not miss any updates, and please keep the emails, calls, and comments coming. We love to hear from you because we are doing this all for you!

Let’s have an unforgettable summer together and see you…hopefully, at more and more places! 😉

You &T
&T Tonics Team

2 thoughts on “A team that drinks together, grows together

  1. Ringer Andras says:

    Kostoltam nagyon kulonleges izekben keszulnek ezek a finom italok. Fedezetek fel
    ezt a kulonlegesseget!

    1. &T Admin says:

      Köszönjük a kedves szavakat! Nagyon örülünk, hogy ízlenek a termékeink, reméljük az új ízeik is elnyerik majd tetszésed és ajánlod majd ismerőseidnek és barátaidnak!

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