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&T Tonics is a premium soft drink brand producing a wide range of tonic waters and mixers. The premium quality of &T Tonic Water is ensured by the fusion of crystal-clear spring water and quinine from the endless plantations in the Indonesian archipelago.
The &T premium mixers are also made with carefully selected, quality ingredients from natural sources without any artificial preservatives. 
The &T Tonics products offer a unique taste experience while serving as an excellent mixer for any alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail.

&T Tonics

&T Indian Tonic Water

&T Tonics

&T Grapefruit Tonic Water

&T Tonics

&T Persian Rose Tonic Water

&T Tonics

&T Blueberry Tonic Water

&T Tonics

&T Cucumber Tonic Water

&T Tonics

&T Light Indian Tonic Water

&T Tonics

&T Yuzu Tonic Water

&T Tonics

&T Sunkissed Rhubarb Tonic Water

&T Tonics

&T Cola With a Smoky Twist

&T Tonics

&T Spicy Ginger Beer

&T Tonics

&T Classic Ginger Ale

&T Tonic Water behind the scenes

Take a peek inside the factory and watch how your favourite Hungarian tonic is being bottled.


Explore our unique cocktail recipes, all featuring &T’s premium Hungarian soft drinks, and get inspired for your next house party. Recipes, valuable tips and everything you wanted to know about cocktails, tonics and mixers.

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Our Story

The story of &T started with our genuine admiration of the finest spirits and well-crafted cocktails. One of our all-time favourites, gin-tonic, always had a special place in our hearts, and with that came the realisation of something missing in our local market. No premium category tonics were available in the Hungarian market then. Therefore to truly endeavour ourselves in the best possible gin-tonic experience, we made our tonic to fill that void in our local market and our cocktail glasses. As we all know, there is no G&T without the ‘T’; thus, the name of our brand &T Tonics was born.

When we started our journey in 2019, we knew it would be a hell of a ride with its ups and downs. We spent several months brainstorming, planning, and spending days in the lab with non-stop tasting sessions. Testing our products through trial and error, we finally reached the final product, which we all believed was the first-ever Hungarian premium tonic water that could be a worthy competitor in the international market.   

To reach international industry standards, we needed to excel in sourcing premium quality ingredients from the best possible sources and faced some packaging challenges on the way. Now we can proudly say that we are not just the first Hungarian premium tonic water brand but also the first to package our tonic waters in 200 ml glass bottles in Hungary. In case you are as much of a technology geek as we are, we published a short video on our youtube channel about our production process, so you can watch how this fantastic product lands in your hand.

Our mission is to bring the best quality mixers to our customers. Each of our unique recipes consists of premium natural ingredients sourced from all over the world. We practically ‘feed’ on your feedback, which is essential to our growth. Your involvement and support motivate us to evolve and experiment to give you the best products and services possible. That is why we promised never to save a penny on ingredients and always to bring you the most incredible tasting experience. Quality is serious business for us!

Luckily, all the invested hard work and determination pay off, bringing results and getting acknowledged by our customers and the industry. In 2022, 3 of our eight tonic water flavours: &T Indian tonic water, &T Grapefruit tonic water and &T Persian rose tonic water, won their first awards at the Great Taste Awards! A prestigious international competition of the food and drink industry, where over 14,000 products from 110 countries were put through the competition’s rigorous blind judging process, and the &T tonics were one of 5,556 products to receive a Great Taste award in 2022 (only 39.1% of the total products entered were awarded).
Our luscious and juicy grapefruit tonic water left the judges with some harmonious and balanced flavours:
“Crystal clear tonic water with an excellent level of carbonation and a wonderful aroma of grapefruit. A very good balance of flavours with the citrus grapefruit flavour working in harmony with the quinine, which gives a pleasant fresh lingering bitterness which is very well rounded – this is an excellent, very well-balanced refreshing tonic – spot on level of carbonation and a zingy simple, pure tonic a great mixer.”
If you are interested in the rest of the judges’ comments, please click here to read them on our blog. Next year we plan to attend the competition with the rest of our products.

In the same year, we introduced three new mixers next to our eight different types of tonic water. With the &T Ginger Beer, &T Ginger Ale and &T Cola With a Smoky Twist hitting the shelves, we can share our not-so-humble desire to be present in each category of the soft drink industry. So hopefully, when you think about mixers for your cocktails – or as a refresher on its own – your first thought will be: ‘Let’s get an &T!’

Currently, our products are available all around Hungary; besides Budapest, we are in big cities like Pécs, Debrecen and Lake Balaton. &T Tonic Water is also available at our official partner in Slovakia, and we are expanding our international partner portfolio with more than eight different countries in 2023.

For more information about our products, updates and news about our special events, please follow our social media platforms (&T Instagram, &T Facebook) and be part of our &T journey.