Discover the first Hungarian premium tonic brand - & T TONICS

The beverage market has undergone significant change over the past few years – and this is true not only of alcoholic beverages, but also of soft drinks and mixers. Consumers are increasingly paying attention to what products they lift off the shelf, consciously looking for quality products that take the experience of drinking to a new level.

Since its foundation, our goal has been to create domestic tonic water from natural and high-quality ingredients that can be enjoyed by everyone without compromise and can be a worthy competitor to the international products available on the market.

Our products are outstanding because of the fusion of unparalleled quality quinine grown in Indonesian lands and crystal clear spring water. Carefully selected natural premium ingredients perfectly complement the bitter taste of quinine, and the various natural flavors give our tonic waters a truly harmonious and unique taste. When designing our product range, we considered it important that everyone finds their favorite flavor, so we now offer 5 types of flavor variations to consumers. Being a Hungarian product, we considered it especially important when selecting the ingredients that they came from domestic sources as much as possible.

Our tonics are preservative-free, do not contain any extra artificial additives, and we also made sure to use environmentally friendly solutions when packaging.

It’s not a secret that our goal is to introduce the Hungarian market to the diverse and exciting world of premium tonics by competing with the largest international brands. &T Tonics is the first Hungarian tonic brand to launch an exclusive 200 ml tonic water palette.


Try out our selection of drinks and find your favorite taste:

Our products offer an exciting taste experience on their own, but are a perfect mixer for any alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail, or for making different coffee variations. Whether it’s gin, vodka, rum, whiskey or even a beat espresso, maybe matcha - our tonics are a great addition to your drink.

Why Try The Premium Tonic Water Range From &T Tonic?

First Premier 200 ml
Hungarian Tonic Water Brand

Making it into the market with a bang, &T Tonic is not just a premium tonic water brand, but it is the first Hungarian premium brand who fills their tonic into 200 ml glass bottles. Being one of its kind, this premium range of tonic water has an authentic and true Hungarian Identity.

Quality Premium Ingredients

Be it the quinine or the spring water, the quality of the ingredients is of utmost importance at &T Tonic. Curated from the highest grade of premium quality ingredients, these tonic water bottles will leave a unforgettable taste that one will always remember.

No Preservatives
Added - Low Sugar Tonic Water

While everyone firmly believes health comes first, &T Tonic has ensured this premium range tonic water is made with no artificial preservatives and with low level of sugar, to keep the fitness on track.

Recyclable Packaging

While keeping the taste intact, &T Tonic has ensured that this Hungarian brew does it bit for the environment. Making the packaging 100% recyclable, all the bottles can be reused and recycled effectively.

Sourcing The Ingredients

To ensure utmost quality and flavour, the tonic water has the best ingredients sourced from within Hungary, and some internationally too. To ensure the purity, the ingredients are all from natural sources only.


From Hungary - Made In Hungary

Right from sourcing the high quality ingredients to doing the filling in Hungary, &T Tonic from 2021 has started their tonic water production in the country itself. Thus, making it a 100% Hungarian product!