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&T Indian Tonic Water

The fusion of crystal-clear spring water and quinine from the endless plantations in the Indonesian archipelago ensures the premium quality of &T Tonic Water. Made with carefully selected, quality ingredients, this pleasantly bitter tonic is the perfect choice for any alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail.

&T Grapefruit Tonic Water

Delicately citrusy, perfectly balanced flavours in which the exotic aroma of grapefruit, combined with the pleasantly bitter taste of quinine makes a perfect match. Whether it is used as a cocktail base or as a soft drink, &T Grapefruit Tonic Water is a great choice.

&T Blueberry Tonic Water

Balaton Limited Edition Inspired by the blue waters of Lake Balaton, this limited edition tonic water is the perfect fusion of the pleasantly bitter, natural quinine and sweet, nutritious blueberries. Dive into the deep freshness with our &T Blueberry Tonic Water, and enjoy its versatility as you mix it with your favourite alcohol.

&T Cucumber Tonic Water

A truly refreshing tasting experience – some might say: summer served in a bottle. The perfect balance of the cool cucumber flavour and the high-quality quinine makes this beverage nice and complex. Pop it open and enjoy it on its own or as a mixer.

&T Light Indian Tonic Water

The crispy light edition of our signature Indian tonic water is made with less sugar and fewer calories but preserves the distinctive taste of natural quinine. For our knight in shining armour, we chose an elegant silver look to match all the amazing and healthy qualities inside. Enjoy &T, anytime, without compromise – sweetened with fructose, the &T Light Indian Tonic water contains 50% fewer calories than its big brother.

&T Persian Rose Tonic Water

The pleasantly bitter taste of quinine meets the delicate flowery notes of the Persian rose in this tonic water. A remarkably unique adventure you might embark upon if you give this aromatic beverage a try.

&T Sunkissed Rhubarb Tonic Water

Starting with a tart note, but softening to a sweet and fruity ending is the unique characteristic of rhubarb, that perfectly complements the bitter taste of quinine. Bitter, yet sweet, pours like a tonic, yet tastes like pie, the &T Sunkissed Rhubarb Tonic will sweep you off of your feet.

&T Yuzu Tonic Water

Made with the natural zest of the rare Asian citrus this tonic water is particularly pleasing. Yuzu is incredibly fragrant, but also super sour and tart. Balanced with natural quinine the result is an absolutely delightful mixer.