&T Classic Ginger Ale

Pleasantly invigorating, &T Classic Ginger Ale is the sweet and cheeky-at-heart little sister of our ginger beer. Thanks to the natural aromas and quality ginger extract, our ginger ale has all the health benefits of this wonder spice while offering a more mellow flavour that wins over the heart of classical taste admirers. It pairs well with dark spirits like whiskey or rum, but as a soft drink, it is an excellent solo act, too.


Thanks to the distinctive taste of the Indonesian quinine the &T Light Indian Tonic Water is a pleasantly bitter, crispy and refreshing tonic water. Thanks to the natural sweeteners it contains less sugar, but keeps the taste of the classic indian tonic. On its own or as a mixer, it offers a genuine tasting experience.


The premium quality of our drink is granted by carefully selected, high-quality ingredients.
The various natural flavourings give a truly pleasant and unique taste to each version.


The secret compound which gives life for our tonic water is the exquisite quinine which was harvested from the Indonesian lands where they used to serve as the most helpful cure against malaria.

Spring Water

The &T Tonic Water is made with light and refreshing water which is originated in the crystal-clear springs of the Alpine Mountains.

No Preservatives

During the development of the recipe we strove to make a healthy formula without using any artificial preservatives so it can be enjoyed without compromise.

Energy136 kJ (32 kcal)
Fat, total – saturated0 g
Carbohydrate – sugars8 g
Protein0 g
Salt0 g

Packaging12 bottle/case
Size200 ml
Type of packagingbottle


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The &T Classic Ginger Ale is a pleasantly invigorating and cheekily sweet ginger-flavoured soft drink. Made from premium quality ingredients, ensured by &T and with natural ginger extract. The signature piquant taste of the ginger spice is more mellow and sweet in this beverage, thanks to the natural aromas and the refreshing bubbles. Ginger ale is a truly jolly joker mixer, that brings the best out of every alcoholic drink, but for a truly amazing taste experience, we suggest mixing it with whiskey, rum, vodka or even gin.

The energy content of the &T Classic Ginger Ale is 32 kcal in 100 ml product. The exceptional quality of these premium Hungarian mixers is ensured by the carefully selected, high-quality, naturally sourced ingredients.

Both ginger ale and ginger beer are carbonated, ginger-flavoured soft drinks, popular drinks on their own and essential ingredients for several cocktails. The difference relies on the production method and the intensity of the ginger flavour.
Ginger beer is traditionally brewed from fermenting ginger, sugar and yeast, like beer – hence the name – and initially it had an alcohol content. The intense, piquant and spicy ginger dominates in flavour, carbonation is mild, a little bit cloudy, and not as clear as ginger ale. Mainly used as a mixer for cocktails due to its strong gingery kick.
Ginger ale is more likely closer to a ginger-flavoured soft drink. The flavour of ginger is more mellow, delicate and sweetened, than ginger beer. The carbonation level on the other hand is higher, which is why ginger ale is a more popular drink on its own, rather than ginger beer. The colour is pale and clear, with gold tones.