&T Spicy Ginger Beer

Cheekily piquant and refreshingly fiery, this is the &T Spicy Ginger Beer. A non-alcoholic ginger beer made with natural ginger extract from premium quality ingredients, ensured by &T. An exceptional mixer created for the truly adventurous. Mixed with the finest spirits or drunk solo, the &T Spicy Ginger Beer is guaranteed to spice up the mood.

Great Taste Awards 2023 Winner

We are honoured and beyond proud that the &T Tonics brand has been named among the top food and drink producers globally this year, and our &T Spicy Ginger Beer has been awarded a highly prized Gold star on the Great Taste Awards.


Thanks to the distinctive taste of the Indonesian quinine the &T Light Indian Tonic Water is a pleasantly bitter, crispy and refreshing tonic water. Thanks to the natural sweeteners it contains less sugar, but keeps the taste of the classic indian tonic. On its own or as a mixer, it offers a genuine tasting experience.


The premium quality of our drink is granted by carefully selected, high-quality ingredients.
The various natural flavourings give a truly pleasant and unique taste to each version.


The secret compound which gives life for our tonic water is the exquisite quinine which was harvested from the Indonesian lands where they used to serve as the most helpful cure against malaria.

Spring Water

The &T Tonic Water is made with light and refreshing water which is originated in the crystal-clear springs of the Alpine Mountains.

No Preservatives

During the development of the recipe we strove to make a healthy formula without using any artificial preservatives so it can be enjoyed without compromise.

Energy164 kJ (39 kcal)
Fat, total – saturated0 g
Carbohydrate – sugars8,4 g
Protein0 g
Salt0 g

Packaging12 bottle/case
Size200 ml
Type of packagingbottle


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The &T Spicy Ginger Beer is a cheekily piquant and refreshingly fiery non-alcoholic ginger beer. Made from premium quality ingredients, ensured by &T and with natural ginger extract. The spicy and piquant notes of the ginger spice dominate in this soft drink, complete with pleasantly refreshing bubbles. An absolute must-ingredient for the Moscow mule and Dark and Stormy cocktails, and a great choice for spicing whiskey up.

The energy content of the &T Spicy Ginger Beer is 39 kcal in 100 ml product. The carefully selected, high-quality, naturally sourced ingredients ensure the exceptional quality of these premium Hungarian mixers.

While the name would suggest ginger beer is a non-alcoholic soft drink. Although the naming is not entirely accidental. Originally ginger beer was made like beer by fermenting ginger, sugar and yeast. This ginger ‘brew’ had an alcoholic content (around 11%), and the carbonation results from the fermentation, so it becomes slightly bubbly. Modern-day and well-known ginger beers are rarely brewed by fermentation anymore. They still produce alcoholic ginger beer, mostly in the United Kingdom – where the drink originated – but then it is marked as ‘alcoholic’ to differentiate it from the commercial ginger beer.