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&T Classic Ginger Ale

Pleasantly invigorating &T Classic Ginger Ale, the sweet and still cheeky-at-heart big sister of our ginger beer. Thanks to the natural aromas and quality ginger extract, our ginger ale has all the health benefits of this wonder spice, while offering a more mellow flavour that wins over the heart of classical taste admirers. It pairs well with dark spirits like whiskey or rum, but as a soft drink, it is an excellent solo act too.

&T Cola With a Smoky Twist

Cola is more than a refreshing beverage, it is the American dream in a bottle. Such an iconic soft drink everyone has a dear memory of. Our cola is echoing that sweetness and puts a spin on the classic. Crafted from natural, high-quality ginger and caffeine aromas and made with a smoky twist, it is the perfect partner in crime for whiskey, bourbon or rum. Together, they are surely up for all good

&T Spicy Ginger Beer

Cheekily piquant and refreshingly fiery, this is the &T Spicy Ginger Beer. A non-alcoholic ginger beer, made with natural ginger extract, from premium quality ingredients, ensured by &T. An exceptional mixer, created for the truly adventurous. Mixed with the finest spirits, or drunk solo, it’s guaranteed to spice up the mood.