&T Proud moment: We are thrilled to share the news that 3 of our products got a star 🌟 in the Great Taste Awards 2022!

We are honoured and beyond proud that &T Tonics has been named among the top food and drink producers globally this year, winning a highly prized Gold-star 🌟 Great Taste award for our signature &T Indian Tonic Water, the luscious &T Grapefruit Tonic Water and the delicate &T Persian Rose Tonic Water.

Over 14,000 products from 110 countries were put through the competition’s rigorous blind judging process. The &T tonics were one of 5,556 products to receive a Great Taste award in 2022 (only 39.1% of the total products entered were awarded).

Recognized as a stamp of excellence and actively sought out by food lovers and retailers alike, Great Taste (established in 1994), organised by the Guild of Fine Food, values taste above all else. All products in the line-up for judging are blind-tasted: every product is removed from its packaging so it cannot be identified before entering a robust, layered judging process.

It is a great and meaningful experience to participate in an internationally recognised and prestigious competition like the Great Taste Awards. Working on our first batch back in 2019, researching, continuously testing, and developing the perfect recipe to reach this stage took a lot of time and tireless work. We always believed in our product and its potential, but hearing that a well-esteemed panel of international food and drink experts also love and appreciate our products is a tremendous honour and a desired affirmation that we created something great. So now our premium Hungarian tonics are among a wide range of award-winning products and shining even more brightly with a gold star!

indian tonic

Let us humble-brag a little bit and share our favourite comments from the judges, first about our flagship product, the Indian tonic water:

“Crystal clear tonic water with an excellent level of carbonation, with a very subtle aroma. The flavour profile has all the classic characteristics of tonic water, fresh and clean, rich with quinine. This is a simple product done very well, which would be a great mixer to any spirit – pure, simple, and very refreshing.“ 

“Crisp, clear drink with a delicate nose of quinine, the effervescence is well judged and ingredients well balanced with the quinine adding bitterness to create a refreshing mixer or to drink on its own.”

Our luscious and juicy Grapefruit tonic water left the judges with some harmonious and balanced flavours:

“Crystal clear tonic water with an excellent level of carbonation and a wonderful aroma of grapefruit. A very good balance of flavours with the citrus grapefruit flavor working in harmony with the quinine, which gives a pleasant fresh lingering bitterness which is very well rounded – this is an excellent, very well balanced refreshing tonic – spot on level of carbonation and a zingy simple, pure tonic a great mixer.”

“An absolutely beautiful nose of fragrant grapefruit, fresh, vibrant and lively! A soft carbonation is almost frothy in the mouth revealing honest and lifted grapefruit notes. Bitter pithy notes are balanced with sweet, zesty, tangy flesh, juicy, and mouth-tingling. The lingering sensation is bountiful and pronounced. An excellent and refreshing tonic water with some outstanding qualities!”

grapefruit tonic

&T Tonics won gold stars at the Great Taste Awards 2022

And last but certainly not least (watch out 2023, cause we’re coming), the delicate Persian Rose tonic water cast a spell on the judges with its well-balanced rose aromas and excellent pink shade:

“A pale pink coloured clear drink with a good effervescence and a gentle rose aroma. The flavours are well balanced, with the bitterness of the quinine complemented by the sweet floral notes of the rose to create a refreshing drink. This would work equally well on its own or as a mixer.”

“A most appealingly delicate shade of pink, with marked effervescence in the glass. Clearly rose noted on the palate but with pleasing delicacy. The quinine cuts through any potential blouse-iness yet is not so bitter as to erase the floral notes of rose, still a light, uncloying presence on the finish.”

Reading all this positive and encouraging feedback fills our hearts with tremendous gratitude and honour. Now, we can proudly say that we are not just the first premium Hungarian tonic but also an award-winning one. But this is just a ‘taste’. Next year, we are planning to showcase the whole &T family, so judges, you better be ready for us!

In 2019, we said we would never stop dreaming, and it looks like our dreams are coming true each year. Thank you to all our customers and partners who always believed in us and chose the first premium Hungarian tonic for their soft drink or mixer!
We couldn’t do this without you!❤️

Cheers, and see you in bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and even your homes! 🙂 

You &T
&T Tonics Team

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