We are thrilled and extremely honoured that the &T Tonics brand has been named among the top food and drink producers globally for the 2nd time in a row this year!

The international panel of judges rewarded our mischievous &T Cola With a Smoky Twist and the piquant &T Spicy Ginger Beer with a Gold-star 🌟 at the 2023 Great Taste Awards

What makes this news even more amazing is that, as of now, next to our previously awarded tonic waters, the food and drink industry professionals are also recognising our premium mixers

We did it again! The &T Mixers were awarded at the Great Taste Awards 2023

In such a prestigious competition, where every year around 15k products from all around the world are put through a rigorous blind judging process, it feels really special to be one of the selected products to receive a Great Taste gold star in 2023. The Great Taste Awards (established in 1994) is recognised as a stamp of excellence and is actively sought out by food lovers and retailers who value taste above all else.

Participating and being recognised for our products’ excellence, especially for the 2nd year in a row, still feels unbelievably special for us. We take the feedback and opinion of our customers as the top priority, as they are the ones who we are all doing this for. But truth to be told, getting reassurance and affirmation from the well-esteemed panel of food and drink industry experts also feels amazing and fills us with tremendous pride. 🙂

We did it again! The &T Mixers were awarded at the Great Taste Awards 2023

Let us share one of our favourite comments from the judges about our premium mixer, the Cola With a Smoky Twist:

“We think this is great. It is confidently made with a well-judged measure of ginger, which offers spice and a gentle heat. This elevates the flavour and draws the sweetness away. It is clever and innovative. It is also delicious. Two of our judges on the table don’t drink cola – but they enjoyed this.“ 

“A cola with apt colour and effervescence and indeed a pleasing note of ginger and wisp of smoke on the nose. The palate maintains gentle spice and smoke notes alongside recognisable ‘cola’ character. The sweetness is nicely restrained, not in the least cloying. A very clever mixer for whiskey in particular and enjoyable in its own right.”

And this is what they said about our refreshingly fiery Spicy Ginger Beer:

“Clear and nicely effervescent, the ginger clarity on the nose is immediately enticing. A rooty yet zesty ginger note is delivered to the palate alongside restrained sweetness. A refreshing drink and, we imagine, a versatile mixer.”

“A clean-looking drink with a refreshing level of effervescence. A delicious level of ginger- enough heat to add character but not tongue-numbing.”

We did it again! The &T Mixers were awarded at the Great Taste Awards 2023

Last year, after the first three stars, we promised that we would not stop and come back for more. So, as of now, our premium Hungarian tonics AND mixers are among a wide range of award-winning products and are now shining even more brightly with a gold star!✨

Once again, we are thankful for our &T Family, to all of our customers and partners, who always believed in us and continue to choose Hungarian tonics and mixers for their beverages or cocktails. 
We couldn’t achieve this without you!❤️

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